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When it comes to selling a job or an idea it's good to keep things uncomplicated for customers and clients. I like to use the “3PR's” rule (made that one up, I know, it’s goofy but…), when we think about framing art or for that matter, anything that you can put in a frame.


If it’s worth looking at, it’s worth making look great. How annoying is it when you make something nice, look, well…not nice? Usually the advice I give is “frame to the piece, you can’t go wrong wherever you hang it”. 





If you value it or cherish it, make it last. Many times what we create for our clients are heirlooms to be passed down (and fought over "passionately") through generations. And often times we work on high value art where its preservation is incredibly important in keeping its market value stable.



If something gets wrecked it usually stays wrecked (sounds like good science theory to me). Take UV light for example. Those beautiful colors in that watercolor still life you had in the window don't look so vibrant anymore. Or that piece you had rolled up on the floor in the basement that soaked up the water from that plumbing leak last week? Well that didn't hold up to well. When it comes to the availability of materials and products today for keeping your precious art and memories safe, there are many many choices, and we can help with that. 




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Here's a cool link to an image on The Evolution of Frame Design

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